Aquarius Woman And Scorpio Man

Love relationship between Scorpio man and Aquarius women has few chances of survival except for an occasional and short term fling. Chemistry of the two initially would be great but it will never be sure enough to cross over the tides and each other’s key preferences will always remain different.


Too many differences mark the relationship and prevent it from gaining any meaningful perspective through union of these two zodiac signs. Scorpio man is too possessive and too close that will annoy the Aquarius woman who is independent and extremely outgoing. In result the Scorpio man can become insecure and jealous while his bossism and inflexibility will be highly resented by Aquarius woman.

Scorpio man has a rare intensity in whatever he does and besides being stubborn he is also highly self controlled. Dominating his own life he will not be lead anywhere he does not wish to go and is also very suspicious by nature. Equally stubborn is Aquarius female who is independent and trying to pin her down will be the greatest mistake anyone can commit as her fierce temper would immediately show up. She does not like to be pushed or told about the course of action to be taken. Scorpio man is however solid and can be trusted for his loyalties for those who deserve the same. A woman getting into relationship with Scorpio man should be very careful since once getting in there is no getting out.

Aquarius woman craves changes and can make the lover’s life beautiful but will not stick around for long. Hence long term relationship with Aquarius woman is mostly out of question. In sexual relationship there will be constant inconsistencies as Scorpio man is powerfully emotional while Aquarius woman is too detached from emotion even when she enjoys him and desires him. Also the frequent changes of the volatile Aquarius mind will bring back Scorpio man to hard realities with a jolt upsetting him completely.

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